Training is a really important part of our success at Precise.  We make it our business to make sure that everyone in our team is trained to do their job to the very best standard – and in most cases a whole lot more. We invest a whole lot of cash and time in training because we believe we’re only as good as our people.  And we do all we can to make sure our people are the best.

This year we will be investing a lot of time and money into training our great team.  One of the people getting involved in training this year is David Fleming who will be undertaking his commercial gas course. This will give David another string to his bow and give him more knowledge of larger and more complex commercial heating installations.  This really is an exciting development for David and for everyone in the team.  We’re sure you’ll join us in wishing him luck for his course.

Any regular visitors to the Precise office will know Janet White, our Office Manager.  To say Janet is driven and motivated is a complete under-statement.  She is complete dynamite.  And this year Janet is going to be doing some training to enable us to achieve our ISO9001 Quality Management Standard accreditation along with ISO14001 Environmental Management System accreditation.  This will be an incredible accomplishment for a firm of our size and when we achieve it, we’ll be taking another huge leap in terms of our status and success.  We are determined to ensure that all of our systems and processes comply with the highest standards so we can give you, our customers, complete peace of mind that we are a company that you can trust.

We know that our service and our reputation is only as good as our team.  And we believe that it’s the right training that keeps our team great and keeps you, our customers happy and loyal.  Our training programme this year is focusing on a number of key areas and William Walker, one of our 3 directors will be going back into the classroom.  William will be undertaking training later this year for the installation of ground / air source heat pumps and solar powered heating systems.  This will ensure that we, at Precise are fully trained and ready to install greener, more energy efficient heating systems and stay abreast of the emerging green technologies.

So, as you can see, we keep our finger firmly on the pulse of our industry by keeping our skills fully up to date and even staying ahead of the game.  Stay close to us on FacebookLinkedIn or here on our website to stay abreast of our developments.

Here at Precise, we’re very aware that no single company can do everything.  No company, no matter how good, no matter how strong, no matter how powerful can do everything that every one of their customers needs done.  That’s why we believe in the power of partnerships.  We work in partnership with our suppliers and we’re also building our network of working partnerships.

We’ve created some fantastic bathrooms in our time and will continue to do so.  We’ve done everything from basic upgrades to start to finish, state of the art dream spaces.  From a work point of view, we put as much effort and attention to detail into small bathroom jobs as we do huge bathroom installations.

We’re now delighted to announce that we’re going to be working in partnership with Image Bathroom Design who opened up a great new bathroom showroom in Blantyre recently.  You can visit their Facebook page here to get an idea of what they do: We’re proud to be their nominated bathroom installer for all of their great products.

Watch this space for more news about us working in partnerships to serve you even better.

The great thing about the team at Precise is that we have one big thing in common – we all love what we do.  We find our jobs exciting, full of opportunity and do all we can to get the most from every day.

When it comes to a New Year, we see that as a great time for looking back to see what’s gone well and what we could have done better.  We also take time to look forward and decide what we can and what we want to achieve in the year ahead.

Any of you who knows us well will know that we’re an ambitious bunch and looking forward to a New Year allows us to get our creative juices flowing.  In the purest sense, we may be a plumbing company, but there’s a whole lot more to plumbing than some people might realise.

We have 3 core elements to our business – bathrooms, heating and contract work.  Each one of these elements has its own characteristics, its own opportunities and its own challenges.  Looking forward to 2020 means we can take a snapshot of the opportunities in each of these areas and decide how we are going to position ourselves in the local and wider market to grow and do even more of what we love.

We have a whole lot of exciting plans in store for 2020 and a great way to stay in touch with what we’re up to is to regularly check into our News here, to Follow us on Facebook or to check us out on LinkedIn.  No matter how you stay close to us, it’s great to have you on board.