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Expert Bespoke Bathroom Installers in Hamilton for Homes and Businesses

Do you want a bathroom that makes you feel great every time you go there?  A bathroom that you feel proud of and enjoy, day in and day out?  Then let the fully qualified and highly experienced team at Precise Installs work with you to make sure you get the bathroom of your dreams – no matter how small your space or your budget.

We’re one of the most reliable and professional bathroom installers in Lanarkshire. An important part of what makes us your best choice for bathroom remodelling is our ability to provide excellent service for every budget and our attention to detail when constructing bespoke bathrooms for our clients.

High quality service for all budgets

Do you want to remodel your bathroom but unsure if your budget can cover the expenses? When you work with Precise Installs, you’ll see that our ability to work within the constraints of any budget is why we’re one of the best bathroom fitters in Hamilton and the neighbouring areas.

No matter how modest your budget for bathroom renovations, our team of professional plumbers and installers will guarantee that you receive only the best services. We adjust your design, suggest affordable alternatives and avoid unnecessary or expensive features. By doing so, we ensure that your new bathroom comes with a reasonable price tag.

Beautiful Bespoke Bathrooms

Every room in your property, including your bathroom, should reflect your personal sense of style or the branding of your business. Precise Installs Ltd is one of the best bathroom fitters in Lanarkshire because of the attention to detail we put when constructing bespoke bathrooms for our clients.

Our team of experienced contractors will choose the perfect tiles to complement your bathtub, the right faucets to accentuate your colour scheme, or the appropriate countertops for your grand design. We’ll overlook no detail and make sure that every piece of your bespoke bathroom combines harmoniously.


If you want a bathroom that makes you feel great, that you feel proud of and enjoy every day, let’s talk.  We’ll help you fall in love with your bathroom again.  Work with our fully qualified and highly experienced team to design the bathroom you’ve been dreaming of – in even the smallest of spaces and the tightest of budgets.

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality workmanship with all the attention to detail you deserve.

No matter whether you’re refurbishing or completely replacing your bathroom we are here to help. Whatever your budget, we can supply a vast array of quality products to suit your design ideas as well as your pocket.

With the number of bathrooms supplied and fitted in Lanarkshire by our team, we have the experience and the knowledge to provide you with expert advice as well as professional services. Whether it’s completely rebuilding and replacing your current bathroom or just changing and customising it, Precise Installs Ltd can offer you more than a few recommendations.

Replacing Your Bathroom

Sometimes it’s better to start from scratch. This is especially true if your current bathroom no longer feels like it belongs with the rest of your home or if the years have taken their toll on its surfaces and fixtures. If you have the budget in your bank and a design concept in your head, Precise Installs Ltd can demolish your old bathroom and install a new one that’s more to your liking.

Here are a few ideas we can offer for your consideration:

  • Instead of settling for a basic shower unit, why not enjoy maximum luxury by making a magnificent statement tub the centrepiece of your bathroom? This luxury doesn’t even have to cost you a fortune. Tubs made of affordable composite materials like manufactured stone veneers can soak you just as comfortably as more expensive models.

  • Consider opening the floor space of your bathroom and increasing its storage capacity by using the room’s vertical spaces. Instead of relying on a single cabinet to stow away linens and other sundries, you can have us install simple but efficient floating shelves.

  • Give back to the environment by building a greener, eco-friendlier bathroom. Low flow toilets, energy-efficient lighting and water-conserving fixtures all help minimise your impact on the ecosystem.

Remodelling Your Bathroom

When you still like the overall design of your bathroom but feel like certain parts are no longer to your liking, perhaps a professional remodel is in order.

Precise Installs has refurbished a lot of bathroom suites in Lanarkshire, and our team can offer you advice gleaned from renovations and remodels over the years. When you’ve decided to spruce up your bathroom, think about using these useful tips for your improvement project:

  • Make your bathroom seem more spacious and elegant with a floor-to-ceiling glass shower enclosure. The smooth, transparent surface makes your bathroom seem larger than it is and you’ll no longer have to scrub mildew off shower curtains.

  • On the practical side, replace all of your fixtures when you remodel. Check everything that you can remove for flaws and deterioration. Is the shower bar wobbly or off-kilter? Is the showerhead dripping? Are the light fixtures rusty? If any of these fixtures show these imperfections, take them down and switch them with better and newer replacements.

  • Curb your costs by reusing old material. You’d be surprised by what pre-owned fixtures, furnishings décor you can find on the internet. By upcycling these materials, you’re saving your budget and the environment.


Bespoke Design

Attention To Detail

But don’t take our word for how good we are. Check out what our happy clients have to say…

They converted my spare bedroom into a fabulous bathroom. Free standing bathtub and fantastic rainfall shower. Love it.

Catherine Davidson

I would like to thank Scott, William and their team for my new bathroom. They were very professional, helpful and courteous throughout the whole of the installation. I highly recommend them. Thanks again.

Margaret Gallacher

Fab! Fab! What can I say? I could just leave William in the house to get on with what he does best. Trustworthy, tidy, clean worker. Fast and job done to perfection.

Yvonne MacDonald

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